Gunship DX is a new railway shooter for the Gameboy Color! This is the DX version of the original Gunship. Its upgraded with full-color graphics and added rumble feature.

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Incube8 Games - Gunship DX

Our nation is under attack by enemy forces and the defense can only succeed with the help of air ground support. The futur of our nation depends on you! Fight your way through five missions to repel the attack and restore peace.

Use the D-PAD to target enemies and hold the A button to fire your railgun. As you fire, the ammo slowly depletes. When the ammo is used up, it will automatically recharge. Recharging the ammo takes a while and you will not be able to fire your gun until the recharge is finished. Press the B button to drop a bomb. The bomb will cause a lot of damage to all enemies on screen.

For the play in browser version use the arrow keys to move, the s key to shoot and the a key to drop a bomb. The enter key starts or pauses the game.

Published 15 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreShooter, Action
Tags8-Bit, Game Boy, Pixel Art


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Will there be a digital release of the DX version too, or just physical?  

Later there will will be also a digital release.


Wann wird die digitale Version verfügbar sein? :)


Genau weiß ich es nicht, hoffe aber in Kürze.

Alles klar, danke :)