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¿final version?

G-ZERO is not finished and I am currently working on the project.

Great raster racer effects at work here!

Wow. This runs really smooth! Good job! :)

Thanks! For my games I always try to avoid flicker and slow downs.

After testing a lot of the gbcompo games, this became one of my favorites. Played it on real hardware today. I also liked your black castle game a lot. Even built a cartridge for myself! :)

Oh, thanks again! But there are a lot of good entries on this gbcompo. 

That's true. Over 30 games made it to my Flashcart, because I liked them so much I wanted to try them on real hardware and take a closer look.

The scaling effect is amazing! Reminds me the old school arcades.


I love F-Zero and your game just fits as an F-Zero for DMG. Miyamoto would be proud!! Really impressive 

Thanks, glad you like it!