It is the year 2560. We were able to defend ourselves against an alien attack, but  also suffered great losses. To celebrate the day of victory, a race is held every 4 years, the G-ZERO Grand Prix! Only the best pilots are allowed to compete in the race and never-ending glory awaits the winner...

G-ZERO is a simple, arcade like racing game for the Gameboy. It was inspired by a F-Zero pixelart demake from Miguel Sanchez. In each race you have to complete two laps. To win the G-ZERO Grand Prix, you must finish six races in first place.

Your racer has a limited power, which decreases when you touch the track's rail or other drivers. If the power is used up, you can't continue and the race is lost.

Many thanks to Coffee Bat who did the music for this!


  • D-PAD / ARROW KEYS = Move
  • A-BUTTON / W = Accelerate
  • B-BUTTON / Q = Break
  • START / ENTER = Start game / Pause

Order the game on the Ferrante Crafts website by clicking the link below:

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Tags8-Bit, Game Boy, Pixel Art


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Deleted 182 days ago

Yes, we have been in contact on Twitter recently.

Thank you! I used to use that to communicate. Drat. I'll try Discord. 

I'm having a lot of trouble getting through the first race, any hints?


Try to sort right on a upcoming right turn (and left for left). This enables you to take 90° turns at full speed.

Bought the cart from Ferrente, but just couldn't wait 2 -4 months to play so I put it on my everdrive. This game is absolutely amazing, single-handedly made the very best racer on the platform! Could play this for hours just the same as the original F-zero. Keep it going man, your games rock.


Thanks for your support!

Of course man, keep it up. Can't wait to see what you do next.

I like your game ! You made  a real F-Zero's ancestor  :D

Thank you so much! Have fun <3

Looks and plays great. Really smooth feeling while playing.
Waiting for the cartrdge to arrive home ;)

Hi, thanks a lot! Ferrante Crafts is doing  a great job with the cartridges and boxes.

Really fun game ! Was impressed by the maps, great work !

Oh nice! I have a GBC with the same IPS. However I prefer to play classic Gameboy games with the gray scale palette. You can activate it by pressing the B button and left at the same time on startup.

Ayyyy, really enjoyed playing this haha. Nicely done.

Great to see it on real hardware!

Neat. Was this done using ASM or C?

I did it in C using GBDK. Only the scanline ISR is wirtten in ASM.

I love the new info in the description!


Thanks! I am also working on being able to select different cars.

Wow! That's awesome! I can't wait!

A fun little game! Pretty straightforward and easy to get. I'd love to see how this evolve in the future, congrats!

All your games are very tastefully prepared and served. :) Great job.


Deleted 1 year ago

Here is a version with save function. However it is not tested very well.

Very nice!

Suggestion - perhaps rename what is now "power" to "damage"? On my first plays I thought it was more like "fuel" and I had to find more. "damage" seems to be more what the mechanic is (you can only go off track so many times)

I based it on F-Zero and here it is also given as power.

¿final version?

G-ZERO is not finished and I am currently working on the project.

Great raster racer effects at work here!

Wow. This runs really smooth! Good job! :)

Thanks! For my games I always try to avoid flicker and slow downs.

After testing a lot of the gbcompo games, this became one of my favorites. Played it on real hardware today. I also liked your black castle game a lot. Even built a cartridge for myself! :)

Oh, thanks again! But there are a lot of good entries on this gbcompo. 

That's true. Over 30 games made it to my Flashcart, because I liked them so much I wanted to try them on real hardware and take a closer look.

The scaling effect is amazing! Reminds me the old school arcades.


I love F-Zero and your game just fits as an F-Zero for DMG. Miyamoto would be proud!! Really impressive 

Thanks, glad you like it!