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Black Castle is a action platformer for the GameBoy. It is inspired by "Castlevania" or "Fortress Of Fear". There are four levels to fight through and also four different weapons. All have their own pros and cons. At the end of each level there is a boss fight.


D-Pad = Move

A = Jump

B = Attack

Start = Start Game / Pause


Times were desperate as a plague raged in the kingdom. Even the wisest druids and medics could not find a cure for the mysterious disease. The last hope was a legendary wizard, renowned to be the best potion brewer of the realm. However there were rumors the wizard had turned mad as his studies drifted off into dark magic and thus he turned into a warlock. So the king gathered his finest knights, but they were intimidated by the gruesome stories surrounding the warlocks hideout. Only one young knight was brave enough to face the traps and creatures of the Black Castle!

Updated 12 days ago
Published 14 days ago
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Game Boy, Pixel Art

Install instructions

To play it on your PC you need a GameBoy emulater of your choice.


BlackCastle.gb 64 kB


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Impressive work! Very, very nice!

Your game is really impressive! Was it made with GB studio?

Hi, thanks! No, I used GBDK2020. The source code is open and available at the GB development forum.

The game brought me back to Game Boy times. Thank you so much for having so much fun with Black Castle. <3

Great longplay! There are still a lot of hidden items you missed :)

Good! I will play again!