The times were dark and the kingdom was threatened by a black warlock. His evil magic brought disease and destruction to the land, but none of the king's knights found the courage to fight him. One day a young knight appeared. He set out for the warlock's black castle to free the kingdom from his tyranny.

Fight your way through four exciting levels, find secret passages, hidden items and defeat the black warlock.


  • D-PAD / ARROW KEYS = Move
  • A-BUTTON / W = Jump
  • B-BUTTON / Q = Attack
  • START / ENTER = Start game / Pause

Order the game on the Ferrante Crafts website by clicking the link below:

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Game Boy, Pixel Art


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GBDK dev question : how to do a web build for when working on a GBDK game ?

I want to make my gbdk game playable on itch web site and I wonder how.

Thank you so much for making your game open source. It helped me a lot, especially your code architecture, makefile, macro defined functions... Very clever, high quality code :)

I have lots of other GBDK dev related questions ;)

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never mind. i got it working thanks to binjgb javascript gb emulator :)


This is amazing work! I love the Super Mario Land inspiration.

Is it possible to get the number of secret items per level as a kind of checklist?

Thanks! Sorry, I have no overview for the secrets.

Excellent work mate!

good but can you pls add checkpoints

Thanks, the game is rather short and you can do it in one run. Just take care you get all secrets.

oh ok

Nice! Reminds me of Castlevania.

Thanks <3

I love the retro style. Really crisp and nice graphics and sound. Overall GG.

Thanks, glad you like it!



Is there any chance I could borrow your files for this game or another game? I'm trying to learn GBDK but it's pretty difficult (C is a piece of work to understand hahaha)


The game is open source... just google for "github black castle". I did it open source to encourage people using GBDK. But dont steal my graphics and music, thanks!


Awesome, thank you so much! I won't be using or reusing your art/music for any of my projects, don't worry :D. Thank you!


Excellent gameplay and graphics! But could you add a feature to continue the game from the last level (maybe resetting the score )?

Hi thanks! The game is rather short and can be done in one run. Just ensure you find all the hidden items.

I've played basically every homebrew Game Boy platformer I can find. This one is the absolute best. I love it! Specifically, I love how it gives off strong Super Mario Land vibes despite being entirely its own thing, with slick controls and a real sense of challenge and danger. Absolutely phenomenal, a very well made game!

Oh, thanks a lot!

I just finished the game on my SNES mini, fun game! i'll recommend it. (admittedly i still have to beat it without savestates)

Very nice, just what I wanted thank you!

Was this made with GBStudio?

No, is was programmed with GBDK. It features some mechanics which are not possible using GBS.

This is a pretty cool game! Well done!

Thanks <3

Do a physical release with incube8 like you did for GENESIS.

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Awesome game !! Is there a possibilty to port in GBC too ?


Thanks! Of course there is a possibility to port the game to GBC, but I have no plans to do so at the moment.

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A physical release for Black Castle is ongoing but already sold out. It is limited to 111 copies. However I plan to offer the game at hopefully at the end of the year.

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Deleted 1 year ago

Because Catskull stopped selling Gameboy Homebrews I will do a release of Black Castle with Ferrante Crafts. I hope it will be available in the next few weeks.

Still plans on releasing a physical copy? I'd love this for my collection. I just recently got into the homebrew scene, and I think it's really awesome what you and some others do.

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I hope the game gets a physical release. I don't often buy homebrew games, but this looks really good and I would love to have a physical version of it.

Edit: I just saw, that the game is for sale at Ferrante Crafts. But only the cartdrige. Will there be a boxed copy available?

This is the full game ? You will work more on this ?

Yes, the game is finished. Hope you like it.


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Would it be too much to ask that you also add to this game save the high score? Please!


Here is it:

Thank you so much again, i will never forget this :)

Unironically the version I've been playing for months, would love to see more weapons/areas added to the game <3

A very nice game, good music too!

Impressive work! Very, very nice!

Your game is really impressive! Was it made with GB studio?


Hi, thanks! No, I used GBDK2020. The source code is open and available at the GB development forum.

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The game brought me back to Game Boy times. Thank you so much for having so much fun with Black Castle. <3


Great longplay! There are still a lot of hidden items you missed :)

Good! I will play again!