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Nice!  Well made, and fun.  It would be really amazing if you could destroy stuff like the trees and truck.  Also, leaving bullet holes in the ground would be great.  Even if it doesn't contribute to the gameplay in any logical way, little "extras" like that can make a big difference in the sense of interaction.


I totally agree with you but the Gameboy has its limitations and I simply run out of VRAM.

Okay, interesting!  So you are actually using the Gameboy limitations.  


Maybe you have missed this is a real Gameboy game and it also runs on real hardware. I tested it on my Gameboy Color and Gameboy Pocket.

I totally missed that :)  Thanks for clarifying.  Playing on a browser made me assume it was just emulating the look of a gameboy game.


I immensely enjoy all of your games and Gunship is no exception. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to whatever game you come up next.

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What a good game, the music has an air of battle it fits very well!
It would be perfect if your games could save the highest scores.
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Thanks! Storing the high score is no big deal. For the Incube8 Games Genesis release I added a store function for the high score. This required however a cart with battery.

I would really appreciate a new version that saves scores, since I have a flashcart with battery, that's why I mentioned it haha

Here is a version which stores the high scrore:

OMG really thank you so much, now it's perfect!


I watched all your games and huge congratulations. if you had worked with these when the gameboy was in his heroic age, you would be very famous now. Great works!

Thank you! Hope you enjoy the game.

Game rated & downloaded. I remember watching this game on twitter. You should have keep it in the vault for a jam or for a commecial release, it would have been an instant win. The game is good.

Thanks. Its not my interest to make a lot of money but a release is still possible.

Your games, fantastic as always!
Thanks for making it available!