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<3 Working on a sucessor at the moment.

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Look and Gameplay reminds me of Solar Striker. Really like it!!

Thanks! Yes, I was inspired by Solar Striker.

Solar Striker is one of my favorites.  I'll have to get this!

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remember  when games were just avoid objects,  get highscore, beat highscore

It's classic gameplay and the technical section. You show a great mastery in this kind of games. My applause.

Thanks, glad you like it!


Please release a downloadable version. The shipping makes this item far to expensive, Aprox $120...

I'm not paying that. But i would pay for a downloadable rom. 

Sure, thats far too expensive! Sorry, but Incube8 Games have the rights on this game and I am not allowed to put a ROM here for download. However, you can ask Incube8 if they are planning to offer a ROM only version.


They are selling the ROM now

Thank you for letting me know. Went straight to the site and bought it :D

I commented after buying it haha

I liked it, although I'm not good at this kind of games and I would appreciate a Retry option. Although that does not mean it is not entertaining, and the aesthetics is also nice, it could have been a real game boy game, excellent work!

Thanks! I still couldn't beat Solar Striker and wanted to do something easier.


make it free download

Sorry, but Incube8 Games have the rights on this game.


¿final version?

Yes, Genesis is final.

Is there a way to play this on real hardware? The incube8 release seems to be sold out at the moment and it seems more fun on an actual gameboy.

Yes, it is! The game will be available again at the end of the year.

Do you mean it will be available to download or that it will be purchasable again later in the year on incube8?

It will be available on the Incube8 Games homepage.

Will it be available as a download? Your answer is still unclear regarding this.

Oh, sorry. I think it will be another physical release. You can ask Incube8 if they plan a ROM only version for download.

That a pretty good shoot'em up game

I made a review in spanish, it's quite enjoyable:

Thanks for the review. Its very nice!

Nice game to play some minutes. Enjoyable <3

Thank you! Once you have played through it, a hard mode is unlocked.